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The Secret of The Little Win

I can’t think of much else in this world that’s more consuming and difficult than doing a start-up. There are so many days when you just want to give it all up and determine that working for someone else really was the greatest thing in the world. I mean, you had days off, co-workers to commiserate with, a boss to hate, and maybe even some pretty cool company perks. What’s not to love?

Then it starts coming back to you; the reason that you have to do this thing. You start to remember the feeling of not being able to breathe; being so confined that you wondered what the heck your life even meant. You realize that this journey is more than just a little business you’re trying to do – it’s your opportunity to fully utilize all the talents that have been buried for so many years. It’s your chance to do something bigger than yourself.

Most days this is enough to not only motivate the living heck out of you – but to keep you reaching for more. Other days, you have a hard time connecting with that greater sense of inner purpose.  So, how do you stay on track?


No, I’m not talking about the big wins. Those are easy to see and you’re going to naturally celebrate them. I’m talking about the little wins. Those fuzzy little creatures are the building blocks to this monstrous success story you’re trying to create. Listen, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told it’s all about the journey.

For a long time I could only think; that’s easy for you to say – you found success. I’m still dealing with falling on my face and having to get back up with big ol’ failure scares everywhere. It hurts, and sometimes it’s just no fun. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine said “simply look back on a single day; find the things you can be thankful for; and celebrate the little wins” that it really clicked.

And here’s the thing; you don’t need to make your celebrations excessive. The other day I was struggling to get a video edited. Due to some pretty crappy technical difficulties it took three hours to get the thing done.

You can imagine the frustration I felt a couple hours into the project thinking there might not be a solution. I kept with it; telling myself I had no choice but to figure this out and get it working. Finally – it was done! It worked! I figured it out and made it happen!

In that very moment I hopped in the car and went to get myself my favorite cup of coffee and an old fashioned glazed doughnut. Yum! I sat in my car for a few minutes enjoying my treat and thinking about the fact that I hadn’t given up on my task. I actually spent time thinking about what this little triumph could mean in the overall journey. I realized that it’s these little moments – these little wins – that will define how I handle myself in the next challenge and ultimately my level of success.

What little win did you have today? Did you do something nice to celebrate it? Did you take the time to really think about your triumph and how awesome it was to stick with it? If not, I encourage to do that right now!


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