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The Power to Destroy

Knowledge is power. Of course, an asset without action is nothing – the same goes for knowledge. Knowledge coupled with action, has the power to destroy the life of a single person; it has the power to demolish an entire city; it has the power to decimate our world.

Love changes everything.

Knowledge driven by love and coupled with action saves a child from a burning building. This magnificent trio has the power to drive amazing innovations that positively affect the lives of many. The strength of this triad in my friends has saved me time and again. This perfect combination of three is my definition of true passion. I don’t believe you can call yourself passionate about something unless you’re willing to gain knowledge, approach with love, and take action. Have you ever wondered – as I have – what your passion is? Ask yourself these three simple questions for the answer . . .

1. What have I spent time learning? I’m sure there is something that you’ve taken the time to learn, and it wasn’t really a chore. In fact, you can’t seem to get enough knowledge about that thing.

2. Who do I love? For me, I absolutely love the underdog. The group of people that aren’t expected to do amazing things; the group that – against all odds – proves the world or the popular belief system wrong.

4. Am I willing to take action? It’s not enough to do a little of this and a little of that. You must be willing to live outside of your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

Imagine a world full of individuals, living with true passion.


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