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The New Tech Feminist

Susan Hinton and I covered the gambit of growing up and playing in the tech field as a female. I’m discovering that it takes a great deal of bravery and self-care to get involved in an industry that’s not always that welcoming. This interview really is a must-watch. Not just for women; but for anyone who cares about our society and where it’s headed. I asked Susan about her school experiences, how it feels to interact online as a female, her definition of feminism, and much more. Her responses offer a great deal of insight and hope for a future of diversity in technology.

NOTE: This is the first time I used G+ to record a hang-out; never again. The first 45 seconds are a litle rocky and there are a few sound issues here and there. The tech-muck is mimimal and it’s a must watch interview.

In the video, Susan offered to send me a list of resources. She did just that. Here’s what she sent . . .




Susan Hinton
Las Vegas
Web Developer, Teacher, Creative, Designer at Owl Posse
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