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That’s just frustrating! – A day of video fun

Tech is great – when it works. I don’t have to tell you that it’s not so great when it doesn’t. Putting my first video post online was so time consuming and frustrating that – at times – I just wanted to get some satisfries (new from Bking and awesome) and just forget the whole mess. Well, after almost all day of fighting with my computer and video editing software I finally got everything working. Don’t get me wrong; this wasn’t my first video editing rodeo and normally I do just fine. However, there were some new components thrown into the mix that just had me yelling at my computer in a language it couldn’t understand.

I’m working on a smaller system than in the past; though I must admit I did think it would handle the job just fine. It’s an Asus Desktop with 16GB of RAM, Windows 8 (I know), 3.4Ghz Processor, and an Nvidia GT 630 with 4GB. Not the fastest and strongest kid on the block – but hey, it runs StarCraft 2 turned all the way up just fine (no lag). So, here it is . . .

I found a really cool screen capture program that did a great job and is absolutely free – I really like free. It’s called BB Flashback and will even capture video of my pretty face while I do a screen capture if that’s something I want. I got it installed and did my walk-through of Jetpack. It was super-fun to do and I thought “wow, this is going to be easy”. I then loaded the resulting AVI file into Adobe Premier and started to get to work. Crash! Hmm, that kinda sucks; let’s try this again, and again, and again. The frustration was building at this point so I decided to do a little research. OK, no problem; I just need to stop choosing the presets and drag my clip into new so the attributes will be the same as my clip. Crash!

Hmm, I wonder how big the file is – ┬áthat its causing all these problems? Sheesh, it’s 3 frickin GB! Cool, I got this. I’ll just compress the file a bit and then get it into edit and all will be good. Oh ya, compress – which is equal to crappy quality. I decided I wasn’t going to lose this little battle and found an awesome Codec – XviD MPEG-4 – that I could throw into VirtualDub to give me what I wanted. Bingo Bongo; I had a file that was only about 20MB and tossing that down Premiers throat wouldn’t be so bad. My massive amount of frustration started to dissipate when I gave Premier the file and it liked it. Editing done and ready to be done with the whole mess I exported the file and it looked . . . like ****. And, if it didn’t look terrible it was way to large of a file size – even if I set the frame rate to 8!

Finally, it hit me like a ton of spaghetti; I’m trying to use a file type that’s simply a container with crappy codecs – that’s not going to work. So, I went into the export and set my format to H.264; upped my Frame w/h to 1280×720 and set the frame rate to 12.5. Yay!! The export only took 5 minutes; the resulting file was manageable at about 40MB and the quality of the video was simply amazing. My only complaint at this point was the low audio; which I could increase pretty well with Premier – though next time I won’t record with someone trying to sleep just down the hall (the downfall of getting excited and trying to record at 1am).

Maybe you guys have a better way of doing this on a mid-range system – and if so, I’d love to hear it. No really, please send me anything you know!

However, for now – if any of you are using a mid-range system and want to edit with Premier; here are a few simple steps to save you the frustration I endured . . .

1. Do your capture with something like BB FlashBack Express; that was the easy part

2. Download VirtualDub and the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec if it’s not already there.

3. Throw your huge video into VirtualDub and set the Video options so that it’s compressing with the codec above (Do Save as AVI)

4. Now you can throw that baby into Adobe Premier and do all your editing – even on a mid-range system like mine

5. When you go to export make sure you choose H.264 and then whatever setting you like. My capture was already 1900x* widescreen; so, I used 1280×720, Yum for YouTube.

Let me know what you run into or if you have other awesome solutions . . .

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