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The New Tech Feminist

Susan Hinton and I covered the gambit of growing up and playing in the tech field as a female. I’m discovering that it takes a great deal of bravery and self-care to get involved in an industry that’s not always that welcoming. This interview really is a must-watch. Not just for women; but for anyone…

Cool, Fun, and Funny Apps Created at the AT&T Developer Summit/Hackathon

AT&T hosts hackathons all over the United States throughout the year. Then, come January – they host a big blow-out hackathon in Vegas. This year, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Vegas event; and watch, as a large room full of developers came up with really cool mobile and wearable apps. I captured…

Star Trek Desktop? Oh Ya!

So, I get this FB message at 10am this morning! It’s Brad and he’s all excited about a new app that he found that turns your desktop into a Star Trek console. What’s great is that it doesn’t take over your shell (no deep integration to worry about). It’s just a program you run from your desktop.

It even has voice commands that make the Star Trek beep when activated and can do all kinds of stuff – like open Chrome for you. Check it out. If you like it – share it using one of the share buttons below!


The Joy of JetPack

If you’ve spent any time in the tech world you’ve probably heard the saying “The best techs are the laziest techs”. If you haven’t heard that saying; it simply means we’re always looking for the easiest and fastest way to do something that stills provides a high quality outcome. If you haven’t heard of Jetpack yet – check out this short video on getting it installed and setup to share all your posts with the world automagically.


Success and Happiness

I had the opportunity to sit at the beach today and think about this new professional journey I’m experiencing. I did some walking; a little bit of sitting; and a whole lot of writing. I just spent time watching the different people passing by and jotted down my thoughts. I saw intensity on the faces…

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

There are some people in my life that I’ve really experienced true vulnerability with. However, I can easily say that this is a very small group.  I really enjoyed this TED talk by an amazing researcher/storyteller.

 Are you willing to tell your story of vulnerability and how it worked out for you?