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Success and Happiness

I had the opportunity to sit at the beach today and think about this new professional journey I’m experiencing. I did some walking; a little bit of sitting; and a whole lot of writing. I just spent time watching the different people passing by and jotted down my thoughts. I saw intensity on the faces of the people jogging; saw joy on the faces of the couples sitting and talking to each other; and even a little bit of sadness in the faces of those that seemed a little life-lost. It really got me thinking about my drive to be successful and the necessity of actually enjoying the journey for all it’s ups and downs – actually appreciating the battle-wounds I’m taking and will take in the months to follow.

Many of us think . . . “I’ll be happy when I reach this or that goal and I am successful”. The problem is, that we’ve setup success as a moving target. Once we reach a goal we want more and we want to do bigger and better things – that isn’t bad. What is bad is putting off happiness. As my son so aptly put it one day “now is the cure”. If we enjoy the now and everything it has to offer; our lives will be spent in a state of happiness. The cool thing is all the benefits we get from being happy now.

If you want to laugh and learn a little something about this concept; I encourage you to check out the following video. I’ve watched it 5 times already and will likely be watching it a few more.


Would love to hear your thoughts about the video . . .



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