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Gleib, Campanelli, and Cook – A recipe for laughter!

When I was told that Dane Cook was in town at the Laugh Factory it wasn’t even a question of whether I should go. I’ve seen just about every YouTube video and died laughing when I saw his HBO special Vicious Circle. Now I got to see him live? Hell ya! I wasn’t prepared to see two other comics that were just has hilarious. Ben Gleib and John Campanelli were nothing short of amazing.

This was a great first experience at the Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd. It’s a very intimate setting and I almost felt like I was sitting right on their laps. OK, maybe not that close – as I’m sure none of them would have appreciated that much.  There’s two things that – in my opinion – really separate the good from the amazing. The first is their ability to put it all on the table; everything from racism to religion – and get the whole crowd whaling with laughter over every bit. The second is their ability to interact with the audience.

These guys brought it on both counts!

The night started out with a little lesson on how racism is OK as long as you’re paying a complement or it’s something that applies to everyone. I know; sounds a little off-key. But when you hear the way they talk about it; trust me, you won’t stop laughing. I bet you didn’t know Dane was such a multi-talented guy. Tell him any name – whether for a band or a baby – and he’ll tell you if it will be a complete disaster and why. It was amazing to see all of these guys interact with us. It’s really the kind of thing that makes it a ‘had to be there’ experience.

To Ben, John, and Dane; I want to thank you for a great night full of laughter that I won’t soon forget. The next time I‘m at the drug store; I just might walk around and tell people to put that crap down and go see one of you guys.

Be sure to get them at their next gig . . .

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