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Bruce Reynolds at Internet of Things Hackathon

Picture 112If you don’t recognize that face, Bruce covered a variety of business and economic news stories on BBC. In the UK He’s best known for BBC Breakfast. I met Bruce tonight at the Internet of Things Hackathon in Santa Monica – held at ROC. You might be wondering what Bruce is doing in our neck of the woods. He let me know that he left the reporting game so he could be closer to help create the future rather than simply reporting on the problems. Now involved in marketing, branding, and media he seems pretty hyped about being at the Internet of Things hackathon. It’s a great way to actually be involved in the entrepreneurial space that’s creating the future.

When I asked him what his group was working on – at a very high level – he let me know they’re creating an information sharing platform – with a twist. Hmm, so basically they’re re-creating the internet.

It’s not a surprise that some of the groups are being a little secretive about the projects they’re doing. After all, the prize is a trip to Las Vegas along with some pretty sweet cash prizes.

One of the attendees (not part of his team) mentioned that the team Bruce was on seemed to have three leaders. When I asked Bruce he let me know that there are definitely strong opinions. However, there are really no leaders and everyone on the team just seemed to click right away.

After a couple of hours of shoulder-surfing I can tell you that this is probably one of the most intense teams here. I would agree that it’s a good intensity and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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